Scouting Events at Port City Escape

We’re Great for Scouting Events!


Girl Scout Troop 180 – Coastal Pines

Port City Escape is a fun and memorable experience for scouting participants and their leaders. Whether for team building, a reward for cookie or popcorn sales goals, or “just because,” we would love to help you arrange your next special event. Use your wits and race against the clock to solve riddles, reveal clues and crack codes that will ultimately bring you closer to completing the mission and escaping the room. Along with our two escape rooms we also offer two gathering rooms for serving meals or snacks.

For Girl Scouts escape room events fulfills partial requirement for: Brownie Badge: Detective; Junior Badge: Detective,  Cadette Badge: Special Agent.

Let us help you plan your next scouting event. Call us today at 910-251-7005 or email us today!

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