Our Story

Our Port City Escape Story.

We are a family owned and operated Escape Room with all original props, room designs and puzzles. Our mission is to provide customers with a hand-crafted, fully immersive experience. You and your teammates are trapped in a room for 60 minutes of intense problem solving. Your ultimate goal: to escape.

Our Vision.

“At Port City Escape we pride ourselves on having custom created unique puzzles that are both fun and mentally challenging,” said co-owner Kris Testori.  “All of the clues and puzzles were designed and created specifically for each of the rooms by my husband and co-owner, Doug Testori. His approach to planning the rooms was to first write the story and then design all of the puzzles around that theme. Within each room, all of the props, as well as the room decor and sound effects come together to create an immersive experience.”

Why Here. Why Now.

The Testori family first became interested in opening an escape room in the Port City after playing two escape rooms while on vacation. (The family has now completed 21 attempted escapes.)  Kris and Doug Testori, along with their two sons, created their own because there wasn’t one at that time in Wilmington. “We came back after our trip and kept writing our own scenarios and puzzles,” Kris Testori said. “So one day we sat down as a family and just decided to go for it.”

Kris adds, “This entire process has taken just under a year to complete.  Doug, who works full time as an Oncologist at New Hanover Regional Medical Center, has literally spent every minute of his free time designing the clues and puzzles. Puzzle prototypes and props have taken over every room in my house and the walls in my kitchen are filled with giant charts as he designs the room flow.”

Who Would Enjoy Port City Escape?

Couples, businesses, birthday party groups, friends, tweens, teens, adults; Port City Escape is perfect for any group from a night out with friends, team building events, or when one simply wants a diversion from the doldrums of their workweek.

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