Motel 813 Escape Room

Enter a 1970’s era motel room filled with items from a long-dead family. You and your friends are incredibly daring – or incredibly foolish – enough to check into Motel 813 on a dark and stormy night. In 1972, the exact motel room you are booked into was the scene of a grisly murder of a young family. While most people blamed the husband, the murder was never solved. When a second couple went missing after checking into this room it was closed to the public.

Now, you and your friends are locked in this room. If in 60 minutes, you have not been able to uncover the mystery behind their tragic deaths, your destiny will be no different than those of the guests that were here before you. Enjoy your stay.

Guest Amount: 2-5 guests

Ticket: $26 per person

MOTEL 813 is always a private adventure for couples, small families and smaller groups of friends.

 Note that some of the puzzles in Motel 813 were used in Port City Escape’s Halloween themed room in October of 2016. If you completed that room you may want to book a different room.



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