Our Immersive Escape Rooms

How an Escape Room Works

Escape Rooms are puzzle-based immersive adventures where you must escape from a locked room in 60 minutes.  Using teamwork, wit, logic, and keen powers of observation, you must find clues in order to solve a series of puzzles to escape the room.  Overcoming these challenges are the key to escaping.

Solutions to one puzzle will lead to something else – it may be a code for a padlock, the starting key for another puzzle, a door that opens to another room, or a piece for a meta-puzzle. A team of players will work on puzzles and share information about what is found. If they become stuck, they can ask for a hint that will help them to continue. As the time ticks on, the puzzles become more complex, feeding into a final puzzle which will provide the team with the key or code needed to open the door and escape.

Important Notes:

Our escape rooms are not meant to be scary. There is always a way out of the room and being “locked in” just adds to the intensity.  The rooms are monitored by cameras and a staff member watches on a television screen. Our state-of-the-art sound systems allows customers to interact with our staff throughout the entire escape room experience.

There is no climbing or physical activity. The only thing that a person in the room might have to do is bend down to see or reach something.

All rooms are handicap accessible.

Our Escape Rooms

All of our puzzles are the unique, one-of-a-kind creations of our own Dr. Doug Testori. You’ll never see our puzzles anywhere else.

Our Newest Escape Room – Motel 813

Enter a 1970’s era motel room filled with items from a long-dead family.  You and your friends are incredibly daring – or incredibly foolish – enough to check into Motel 813 on a dark and stormy night.  In 1972, the exact motel room you were booked into was the scene of a grisly murder of a young family.  While most people blamed the husband, the murder was never solved. When a second couple went missing after checking into this room it was closed to the public.

Now, you and your friends are locked in this room. If in 60 minutes, if you have not been able to uncover the mystery behind their tragic deaths, your destiny will be no different than those of the guests that were here before you. Enjoy your stay.


Blackbeard’s Escape

Notorious pirate Blackbeard (Edward Teach) has landed an armed flotilla of five vessels outside of the entrance to the harbor of Charleston S.C., and blockaded the busiest and most important port of the southern colonies.  


All vessels, inbound or outbound, are being stopped and looted. Teach is demanding a chest of medicine and a pardon from the governor of South Carolina. You are a prisoner on the ship when you realize Blackbeard has left the ship to meet with the governor. You and the other prisoners have one hour to find your way off of the ship before Blackbeard returns.  



Nuclear Countdown

You are a member of a team made up of Russian and American diplomats touring a nuclear command and control center in an underground bunker. The Cuban Missile Crisis has just come to an end, and the two groups of diplomats are meeting to discuss disarmament. As you enter the bunker you realize that a nuclear activist has activated the launch sequence and sabotaged it. In one hour these missiles will launch triggering nuclear war.  It is up to you and your fellow diplomats to find the clues, which will enable you to deactivate the launch sequence.  If you do not find all the clues, mutually assured destruction is a certainty.   

What Guests Are Saying…

“We decided to give this a try as a team building exercise and I must say we enjoyed every minute! The employees are amazing!! We will be back! A lot of our Great Clips sister salons have also experienced this place and they loved it as well!!” Hannah M.

“This was the best team building experience! Can’t wait to do it again! I HIGHLY recommend this experience! The puzzles were very complex and it was an amazing experience.” Crystal F.

“Have done both of their rooms so far. They are well thought out and extremely enjoyable, and the owners are very personable and accommodating. Every member of our team would recommend them to anyone.” Steve S.

“A MUST DO! We have done several escape rooms but this was well themed, unique puzzles, and an all around fun evening!!! This isn’t like the franchised escape rooms–it’s unique and MUCH better. Spend some quality time with friend, co-workers or family and check out this place! David G.

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