Civil War Conspiracy

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Experience the South’s ONLY Civil War Themed Escape Room

Who you are: Your team has been commissioned as spies for the Union.

What you know: The hidden cabin of Confederate General Whiting holds crucial military secrets.

What you need to do: Infiltrate the cabin and secure classified information pertaining to the Battle of Fort Fisher.

It’s up to you and your team to sneak in and find the information before anyone finds you. The fate of the battle rests in your hands!

Work as a team using your best problem-solving skills, intuition, instinct, and logic. Along with your other team members, gather clues, crack codes, and hopefully, retrieve the information and complete the puzzle room before time runs out.

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“It’s hard to live or visit Wilmington and not be fascinated by the role the area played in this divisive conflict We wanted to capture the lure of this important time in our nation’s history as well as offer brand new puzzles and challenges to escape room fans,” – Doug Testori, co-owner of Port City Escape

2-7 Players


About the First Battle of Fort Fisher

The First Battle of Fort Fisher began on December 24, 1864. It ended with a Union retreat which was completed on December 27, 1864. The battle included a fierce naval artillery bombardment from the Union fleet. It resulted in little damage to the defenses and little loss of life to the Confederate defenders. The Union attempted a land assault. However, conflicting information and disagreements amongst the commanders. This resulted in the cancelation of the assault and the retreat of the Union.

About William Henry Chase Whiting

United States Army officer Whiting resigned after 16 years of service in the Army Corps of Engineers. He served in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. Wounded at the Second Battle of Fort Fisher by a musket ball to his leg, Whiting died in prison camp on March 10, 1865, of dysentery.

What guests are saying:

“Wow! Just wow! Our ninth room as a family and we were blown away. The puzzles were incredibly unique. The room was designed well and the theme ran through the room the entire time.”

“So much fun. Our group of six worked as a team and we rock it out! After we finished we kept talking about it all night and have decided to go back and do the rest of the rooms before we head back to Greensboro. Thanks for a memorable evening Port City Escape.”

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