Port City Escape Room Wilmington NC
Have Your Next Family Reunion at Port City Escape

Have you been placed in charge of planning your family reunion? Consider turning tradition on its head with a unique experience. Learn something new about your family at Port City Escape while seeing how to work as a team.

Escape rooms are puzzle-based immersion adventures where you must escape from a locked room in 60 minutes. The rooms are designed to encourage your family to work through challenges together.

Why are escape rooms so fun for family reunions?

We ensure that your time together delivers fun for everyone. Work together as a family to solve unique, creative and engaging puzzles! This is the most fun you can have in an hour!

Do you want to add your own twist to this experience?

Consider personalizing your experience by creating competitions within your family. A few examples might be the team that has to travel the longest distance will compete against the team that has the least distance to cover. Another interesting battle can involve family members over a certain age competing against family members under a certain age.

This is a family reunion that will not be forgotten quickly. For more information regarding your group bookings call us at (910) 251-7005 or email us today!

What our Customers Are Saying About Family Reunions at Port City Escape

“We loved Blackbeard’s Escape room! Our group’s age range was from 13yrs on up to age 45 and every person was able to contribute something towards our escape! This was my 3rd escape room and it was awesome!!!” – Mary C.

“An all around excellent experience. The owners are incredible hosts. The game is beautifully designed and the puzzles are thought provoking, well thought out and challenging. We did make the leaderboard. I highly recommend an experience at Port City Escapes.” – Brian V.

“Came down from CT with family! Great time. Staff was welcoming! Hope they continue to build new rooms so we can do this year after year!” – Kathy L.

“We had a great time! All the clues were really good. Some a bit difficult, but so much fun! Many places will cancel the night if they don’t have enough people, but she still ran the room with just the two of us. Didn’t give clues when we didn’t need them and the one clue that we did need was very helpful. My husband and I have done about 10 rooms with different companies and this was my favorite one. If you haven’t ever done one they are amazing and this company is the one to start with!” – Mellissa L.

“Our entire family of 6, teen-kindergartener, had a blast! The experience was so much fun. The puzzles were challenging and engaging. It was so great to see everyone work together. And the staff was so incredible! Ben was so sweet and patient with our little ones. He was such a joy to have help us along on this awesome adventure.” – Natalie H.

“My family has done 3 rooms here and they are challenging and fun. Great staff as well. Highly recommend.” – Jenni W.

“We had 7 family members spend a great time figuring out and solving the clues. Great team building activity! We made it out with seven minutes to spare. Everyone had a lot fun!” – Pam R.

“My grandchildren(ages 20, 18, 16 and 14) and I visited Port City Escape and had a great time! We really enjoyed the problem solving and I thought it was a great bonding experience. We did manage to escape, with a couple of minutes left. LOL! Highly recommended!” – Anita L