Events Are Best at Port City Escape!

First up: Team Building

Plan unforgettable events for your team with Port City Escape! Designed for intense cooperation and working together, our four escape rooms offer the perfect opportunity for the office or your organization to try something new. Most noteworthy high-quality experiences await. As a result, teams align towards a shared purpose and goal. Certainly, everyone can participate regardless of skill, age, or athletic ability.

Next up: Special Events


Are you looking for something unique and fun to do with your friends? Do you want to entertain family or guests in town? Perhaps you plan visit and/or on vacation and wanting to escape the heat? Planning an exciting and memorable event or party? Book Port City Escape – your solution and perfect destination for your next group event and/or party.

Events include:

• Special occasions

•Team Building (Check out our Team Building page for more details).

• Private events

• Family/Friend group events

• Birthday Parties (Check out our Parties page for more details).

Anniversary Celebrations

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties


What about Room Capacity?


Blackbeard’s Escape: 10 people

Nuclear Countdown: 10 people

Civil War Conspiracy: 8 people

Motel 813: Up to 5 people

Two sitting and lounge areas can accommodate up to 30 people.

How about adult beverages?

All private bookings where everyone is over 21 are BYOB.

events 1

Where do we Park?

No worries about parking. We have plenty!

We maintain two parkings on each side of our building.

Ready to Book?

First: Determine how many people will be involved in your team building event

Second: Select dates and times that will accommodate as many of your group as possible

Third: Review our Room Page and decide which escape rooms you wish to book.

Third: Call Port City Escape for pricing and availability.

Finally: Bring your group and get ready for the compliments!

Get Social with Port City Escape!

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