Port City Escape Room Wilmington NC
Brews & Clues

An adventure Involving Clues and Beer

An escape room style game we bring to various bars & restaurants. Participants can sit with people they know, enjoy a cool beer, and figure out a mystery together.

How it works:

Check out our calendar for upcoming locations, dates and portable escape adventure themes.

Book online


Show up at the location/date of your choice and book onsite before 6:30 pm

All events start at 6:30 PM and last approximately one hour. The cost is $20 per person and your first beer is included.

Last Will and Testament

Salvatore “Sly” Luciano died. You have been specially selected and invited to the reading of his will. His famous beer recipe is up for grabs in his field desk in front of you. Are you clever enough to open the desk and claim the recipe for yourself?

The Message

Professor Sutton had been very secretive and excited after traveling to an archaeological site in Turkey. He died suddenly and you and your team need to figure out the meaning of his recently uncovered archaeological find.

Chaos on Christmas Eve

You and your fellow elves have been called together by Ms. Clause. It seems Blundo the Elf messed up the ordering of Santa’s bags on his Sleigh. He has them locked in the wrong order and we just have one hour until Santa wakes up and is ready for takeoff. We need all elves on board to get the bags back in the correct order and ready for Christmas Eve.